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What Is Swap Transaction Definition

In this case, ABC would have been better off not engaging in the swap as interest rates would have risen slowly. XYZ benefited from $35,000 from the exchange because its forecasts were correct. An option to enter into a predetermined credit exchange agreement, where the option holder has the right, but not the obligation, […]

What Is Meant by Underwriting Agreement

A subscription contract is a contract between the banking group, on the one hand, and the company issuing securities, on the other hand. The banking consortium is the group of banks that manage the transaction. The agreement outlines the various responsibilities and obligations of the Company and its syndicated banks for the transaction. It […]

What Is Force Majeure in Construction Contracts

In the world of construction contracts, terms that refer to an „act of God” are commonplace. „Force majeure events” – also known as force majeure events – are natural disasters (or other destructive events) that are completely beyond human control. Common examples of force majeure include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis. Catastrophic flooding can […]

What Is Broker Protocol

It should be noted that the brokerage protocol list at the beginning was essentially a broker-dealer list (since the broker protocol with its name focuses on broker-dealers and comes from wirehouses). However, in the current environment, the broker protocol membership list also includes a number of independent RIAs and other asset management firms. The […]

What Is Amicable Settlement Definition

The comparison conference may be better suited to couples who do not have a sufficient level of communication to participate in mediation. The settlement conference usually lasts from half a day to a full day and is chaired by a family court judge. To this end, these processes use various means of communication (active […]

What Is a Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate

Sellers are required to collect VAT on all taxable transactions, unless the regulations of a jurisdiction allow the sale to be exempt from tax. An exemption certificate is the form that an exempt organization or individual submits to the seller upon the tax-exempt purchase. The Multistate Tax Commission is an intergovernmental tax agency that […]

What Is a Legal Status of a Company

Association. A business with more than one owner who actively participates in the management of the business. You can – in the eyes of the law – be a partnership, even if you don`t write a partnership agreement. There is also a form of „limited partnership” business where general partners actively manage the affairs […]

What Is a Contracting Officer Technical Representative

Enforcement can be used by contract agent representatives with extensive experience and training as an alternative way to meet standard training requirements for certification. Enforcement should be used as required and in accordance with agency policies. The execution process is based on documentation that shows how an employee has achieved or achieved each of […]

What Happens When a Partner Leaves the Business or Dies

In order to adjust the bases of the underlying assets in accordance with section 743(b), the partnership must have the election under section 754 in force or make the election for the year that includes the date of death of the deceased partner. A basic adjustment is required for a transferred partnership interest (including […]

What Does Personal Guarantee Mean in a Contract

If the terms of the contract are not acceptable, there is a chance that you (or a professional on your behalf) may be able to negotiate the terms of the agreement. You may be able to suggest terms for relief if you have repaid a certain amount of the loan, exclude your spouse or […]